The Good News. Lake Oswego School District’s message to parents about driving or walking their students to school is working as only 700 students are signed up to ride the bus when in-person school starts.

The Bad News. That means most STA drivers hired in the last year or two won’t be called back to work this year.

How do you figure that? With all LO schools split between AM and PM schedules, that means only 350 students in the morning are expected to ride the bus and the same for the afternoon. If we assume 15 students per bus, that means only 23 buses will be required to fully transport elementary, JH, and HS students. Throw in one extended day bus for the north side and one for the south side and that’s a total of 25 drivers needed by STA LO.

Think about it. Consider the text message we all received yesterday: we will call the most senior driver of the routes at the school.”

Sounds like if you’re in the bottom 25% of seniority, then STA won’t be calling you to drive until the 2021 school year, if at all …….. unless STA continues to lose its more senior drivers to First Student.

One thought on “700 LOSD students sign up for bus service

  1. You forgot to mention the other good news. Given that we only have around 40 drivers left, at least STA can fulfill its contract with LOSD. Or at least until a dozen more drivers bolt to First Student. LOL

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