If you haven’t heard already, and why would you (it’s not like STA management ever informs its drivers of anything new. Although, typically the drivers know the important stuff even before management and staff), it’s highly unlikely you or STA LO will be driving HS routes this year. Why? Because LOSD is likely going to have to cancel in-person school as we don’t have enough drivers. Don’t believe me? Then maybe you’ll believe the District superintendent. This was contained in an email from the Superindenants office to LO parents.

Competitive wages? Laughable. Benefits? We have benefits? An exceptional working environment? Not this year or last year.

BTW, shouldn’t someone tell the district it’s more like two dozen drivers. After all, once Tigard goes back to school, we’ll need 6 or 7 more elementary drivers.

Can you hear that loud crashing noise? It’s the STA train wreck. Goodbye, STA. Three cheers for First Student.

p.s. If you think STA can hire and train 17, let alone, 24 drivers, Kyle and Stacey have some property in Alabama they want to sell you.

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Stupid Transportation of America

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