The Superintendent of Lake Oswego just announced via an email tonight that the start of in-person school is being delayed:

Regarding returning to in-person learning, the first of our two-week look-back metrics were released on Monday, Nov 2. Based on these metrics, public health authorities are advising school districts in Clackamas County to remain in comprehensive distance learning at this time since our cases are trending in a concerning direction.

We are monitoring the metrics and, when eligible for hybrid in-person, we will notify all families and employees. After notification, two weeks will be given before returning students gradually, starting with kindergarteners, to hybrid in-person learning. LOSD is committed to returning to in-person learning when health metric guidance allows.

Email from Dr. Lora de la Cruz, Superintendent, LOSD, dated 11/4/2021

So what’s this mean for school? In-person school will NOT be starting before January 4, 2021, at the earliest. And even then, it’ll be only a few buses for kindergartener’s as the vast majority of LO parents will drive their kindergartens to school.

So what’s this mean for STA LO drivers? With Unemployment ending around the end of the year, most of us will have no income starting in 2021.

Finally, in times like this it’s important to remember that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Don’t be blind. Be a king and find a new job before it’s too late. STA LO is done and gone.

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