At the NLRB hearing on Monday, September 21, 2020, to determine whether STA LO drivers can vote on unionization, the former operations manager of Lake Oswego, Dee Dee Macknair, testified under oath:

“On March 13th, we had to layoff all of our employees because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Our district was no longer having school and didn’t need transportation.”

NLRB Hearing, September 21, 2020

She also testified under oath:

“Yes I did. Yes”

NLRB Hearing, September 21, 2020

when asked by the NLRB Hearing Officer if she had sent to all 64 employees at the Lake Oswego location a letter dated March 17, 2020, that stated all employees were laid on March 13, 2020.

Not only did employees NOT receive that or any letter, but the claim of a letter dated March 17 being sent doesn’t fit within the timeline of Governor Brown’s announcement regarding school closures.

According to a news release on the State of Oregon’s website dated March 12, 2020, Governor Brown announced a statewide closure of Oregon K-12 schools from Monday, March 26 through Tuesday, March 31, with an expected return on Wednesday, April 1. Furthermore, Governor Brown announced on March 17 an extension of Oregon’s statewide school closure through Tuesday, April 28.

So what do we know? Not only did the former operations manager of Lake Oswego and current GM of Oregon testify under oath that she sent lay-off notices to Lake Oswego drivers when in fact she didn’t, but she also testified under oath that the Lake Oswego school district didn’t need STA’s transportation services for the rest of the school year. How could she have possibly known that on March 13, let alone March 17, that school was canceled for the rest of the school year when Governor Brown didn’t cancel all public school for the rest of the school year until April 8.

You be the judge.

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