For some reason, STA is hiding the truth about how much we’ll be driving once school in Lake Oswego resumes. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid we’ll all quit if they tell us we’ll be driving five days a week from 7 am to 5 pm.

Say what? STA has known since mid-summer that LO schools will be having AM and PM sessions. In other words, half the students will be going to school in the morning, with the other half going in the afternoon.

Virtual Learning School Schedule

What does this mean for STA LO school bus drivers? You’ll deliver half the students to school in the AM, deliver them back home at midday, deliver the other half of the students to school at midday, and deliver them back home in the PM.

You don’t believe any of this? First off, click on the chart above (it’ll take you directly to the LOSD website) and figure out for yourself how STA can pull off this schedule without all drivers driving all day. If you do, call the office and let them know, because they obviously haven’t a clue. Secondly, call our fearless leader and ask her. Better yet, call the new manager on his first day on Monday. She must have told him the truth, right? I mean, she wouldn’t want him to walk into this shipwreck unprepared.

Finally, I’m sure our fearless leader will tell us she didn’t have any input into this schedule. Don’t believe her. There is no way LOSD would have approved this bell schedule if STA hadn’t assured them they could deliver.

One thought on “The truth about midday routes in LO

  1. Even worse, I’ve heard our guarantee will still 5 hours for the day and not the 2.5 hours for each shift (i.e., AM, midday, PM) we were hoping for. So if come to work in the AM and drive for 1.5 hours and go home, then come to work for the midday shift and drive for 3 hours and go home, and then come to work for the PM and drive for 1.5 hours, I’ll be paid for just 6 hours of work instead of 7.5 hours.

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